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Treat your body to a little of what it deserves. From our large selection of massages you can choose between classic massage, aromatherapy massage and cranio-sacral therapy, as well as a number of other beneficial applications.

But one good thing does not exclude another. In addition to the classical massage, why not treat yourself to something more exotic, such as the aromatherapy oil massage or the Shiatsu finger pressure massage? These are very effective in accessing the body’s structural centre and stimulating creativity.

All our massages may be booked directly at hotel reception, preferably in advance.



Classic massage

The effectiveness of a classical massage is well-known to everybody, men and women alike. It’s something which avoids new-fangled trends, and sticks reliably to its time-honoured traditional lines. Its healing and beneficial properties are widely appreciated and conclusively proven. Thanks to an approach that is logical and well-structured, but never inflexible, this type of massage is especially adept at harmonising with the north-west European psyche, rapidly inducing a state of profound relaxation.

30 mins / € 65.00
60 mins  / € 110.00


Lomi Behandlung

Aromatherapy oil massage

A stimulating massage using top quality, cleansing oils to pamper body and soul alike. It has an invigorating effect, calming and nurturing.

Aromatherapy massages may be booked directly at hotel reception, preferably in advance.

60 mins  / € 110.00



Cranio sacral therapy

Cranio sacral therapy has developed from osteopathy techniques. By means of gentle stroking actions the body’s own self-healing abilities are activated, leaving you feeling relaxed and liberated.

Cranio sacral therapy sessions may be booked directly at hotel reception, preferably in advance.

90 mins  / € 130.00




Japanese finger pressure massage

Frau Sandra Bösch will be delighted to pamper you with a professional Japanese finger pressure massage.
This is a sensitive and very effective treatment which activates the body’s own powers of self-healing and loosens blockages in its natural energy flow.


Comfortable clothing should be worn during this massage.

50 mins  / € 110.00



Foot reflex zone massage

Gentle pressure leads to a feeling of well-being.

Gentle pressure applied to the soles of the feet results in the activation of certain areas of the body. This targets and loosens tensions and blockages, as well as boosting the circulation and lymph system. The immune system is also strengthened.

30 mins  / € 70.00



Ear candle treatment with ear massage

Calming and relaxing. 

Get away from the stress of everyday life, and experience the beneficial effect of top quality ear candling treatment. The initial massage loosens blockages in the ears and induces a state of deep relaxation, making you receptive to the subsequent ear candling. The inner chambers of the ear are gently bathed, resulting in an unbelievable clarity.
After a twenty minute rest period you will feel like a new person, with a heightened sense of perception and a vastly enhanced quality of hearing. Return to normality with a clear, refreshed mind, able to tackle whatever life sees fit to throw at you!

30 mins  / € 50.00