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THE Schönblick Team


What would Hotel Schönblick be without its staff?! Like a garden without flowers!

Our family-run hotel offers our guests top hospitality and quality cuisine. Our excellent team of staff work harmoniously alongside members of our family, giving the hotel a pleasant and relaxed working atmosphere.

Everyday life continues to teach us new things, and there is always something interesting happening to add variety: enjoying special events with our guests, or embarking on staff outings to visit local suppliers and partners, to name just a couple of examples.  

We have one common goal: to guarantee our guests’ continued satisfaction by professional service, dedication and team spirit.

We really appreciate our team’s cultural diversity. The ability to see things from a different perspective cannot fail to foster new ideas and provide innovative solutions.



Each year we train on average two apprentices per department. As the host family, we consider this the best possible way for our trainees to familiarise themselves with the practical side of the hotel industry, and gain valuable first-hand knowledge of all aspects of hospitality and sustainability at a local level.

The Hotel Schönblick team is dedicated to the well-being of our guests: our long-serving staff are familiar with their personal preferences and do their utmost to ensure a great relaxed family atmosphere. Why not come and join our friendly team?